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These guys are my “pillow sloths” they are made from a very soft and cuddly high end fur pillow I found at the fabric store. The lady was not impressed when I told her what I was doing with the pillows…

Because their fur is shorter their features are more pronounced and they look like they got in a fight with a blow dryer.

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New small sloth!

I have redone the pattern for my small sloth! For now they will be available in this grey fur but you can customize the face to be like any of the large sloths or whatever color you want.

It measures 7 1/2” long with an arm span of 21”. Made from faux fur, securely fastened safety eyes, and Eco friendly squishy stuffing.

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New sloths!

Made from faux soft spike fur, this sloth is a must have for anyone who likes sloths and squishy soft plush animals! Measures 10” long with an arm span of 24”.

The face is felt and eyes are secured safety eyes. Stuffed with light stuffing so he’s extra squishy.

This sloth is made and designed by me.

Check them out @

princessseasy asked:

Hiya! Just wondering how much your sloths are? My best friend loves them and I thought it'd be a great gift for her! :)


Depending on what one you want they very from $35-50 the more expensive ones have nicer fur. The $50 one is my skeleton sloth and it’s only that price because of all the detail that I put in. You can check them out at.

Thanks for your interest!


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